All You Need is Pug

Pug Birthday 2

Today the All You Need is Pug family celebrates a very special occasion: JD’s 8th birthday! It is so hard for me to believe that he is already 8 years old. I rescued JD from the Pug Rescue of New England when he was just 7 months old. This rambunctious little puppy was surrendered because he was too high energy for his former family, but I knew that his fun spirit and wild ways would be the perfect addition to my days. I was fresh out of high school, planning for college, and nervous about the future. I had always wanted a pug and had been begging my parents to adopt one since I was in grade school. When I was just becoming an adult myself, I made the decision to spend the money I had received through graduation gifts toward the adoption fee for a little pug named Reggie. I changed his name to James Dean, because I could tell right away when he playfully nipped at my hand that he would be a little rebel.

Pug Birthday 3JD has taught me more than I ever imagined he could in our 7+ years together. He has made me a more compassionate, selfless, honest, and creative human being, and I cannot thank him enough for helping me to become the person that I am. Today, and everyday, I celebrate JD for his happy heart, freely given love, and a loyalty that I never knew existed until he snuggled into my arms. Without JD, All You Need is Pug would not exist. He is the muse and inspiration behind every stitch that I knit and every new piece of art that I create. I have always known that JD would give me a happier, more fulfilled existence, but I never could have dreamed that he would touch the hearts of thousands all over the world by making them smile with his funny photos and sloppy kisses. Everyone that he meets marvels at his personality and says “I’ve never met a dog like him!” And it’s true. I have never met another dog like JD, and I am so thankful for the little man who has made my life the extraordinary adventure that it is. JD, for today and all of the days that we will have in our shared life together, for all of our moments nestled on the couch, for all of our walks trampling through leaves, for all of the silly songs that I sing to you, and for all of the funny little habits that you have, I give you the happiest of wishes, the warmest embraces, and the best life that I know how to give you. Happy 8th birthday, my heart. Pug Birthday 4